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VOX - Mini 5-RM

99 adjustable rhythm patterns. 11 amp models and 8 effects. <>br power supply included, Can also run on 6xAA batteries.

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Blackstar - FLY

3 watt mini amp which combines two channels, tape delay emulation, line in, headphone out, as new in box! Runs off batteries

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Blackstar - Fly

3 watt mini amp which combines two channels, tape delay emulation, line in, headphone out, as new in box! Runs off batteries

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Ashton - BSK158

15 watt 1x8" busking amp. Battery and/or mains powered.

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KORG - Stageman 80

Korg Rhythm! The ultimate portable PA!
Runs on batteries (6 x D size) or power supply (included!).
It's a drum machine with 24 patterns: (8 Beat1, 8 Beat2, 8 Beat3, 8 Beat4 Shuffle, 8 Beat5, Unplug1 Cajon, Unplug2 Conga, Unplug3 Djembe, Oldies, Country1, Country2 Train Bt, Country3 3/4, Rock1, Rock2, Blues1, Blues2, 16 Beat1, 16 Beat2 Shuffle, 16 Beat3, Jazz1, Jazz2 3/4, Latin Jazz, Bossa, Samba).
Built in mixer and PA with Reverb! Mic input and two jack inputs.
You could plug a mic in, guitar and a bass or keyboard, then hit the streets with the drum machine doesn't talk back! Vibe the whole city out!
But wait, there's more...!
Recording and playback function (say what?!) Yes, you read correctly!
Auxiliary in too. 2 x 4" speakers. 80 watts RMS. This thing pumps! And it's in super clean condition! Barely touched! Includes manual and box too.
Look at it! Just look at it! Wow!

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Strauss - SBSK-F10

Two channel 20 watt (10 + 10 watt stereo) with 2x6.5" speakers. Battery or mains powered. Great for busking! Plug in a guitar and mic and away you go! Onboard tuner. Tilt back design. Drive for guitar channel. Auxiliary RCA in. Headphones out. Includes power supply.

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Ashton - BSK158

15 watt 1x8" busking amp. Rechargeable Battery and/or mains powered. 8 hour battery life. New battery installed.

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Phonic - Safari 2000

Rechargeable battery in built. Good for 8-10 hours. Excellent condition. Very low mileage. Can be upgraded for wireless microphone and USB recording. w/ manual

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Fender - Mini Tone Master

Little battery powered amp. .Also works on DC power Cute! 1 watt, 2 x 3inch speakers

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Chiayo - Victory 2000

Modulized Wireless Portable Sound System. 120 watts RMS. Internal rechargeable battery.
High efficiency Class-D amplifier.
Smart charging circuit with LED indicator.
Speaker system: 10" LF, 1" HF and crossover.
A whole host of add-ons can be bought for this. This is the basic power amp with speaker in and out, and mic/power amp in and out with volume control.
See: http://www.chiayo.com.tw/english/victory.html

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Audiohub 5 watt 1x 8" multi amp 3 channel mains or BATTERY powered *BRAND NEW with warranty. Includes power supply (retail $359) Swoppy price $299

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