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Ampeg - SVT18E

Made in USA. 18" speaker cab fitted with castors. 175 watts at 8ohms.

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Hartke - 410TP

4x10" 200 Watt 8Ω Transporter!

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Phil Jones Bass - EB-200 Ear Box

Bass Monitor for Live on Stage Use! Ultra High Dynamic Impedance (1000 ohms for low freq) allows you to link the Ear Box to you standard Bass Cab and can handle wattages up to 1000 Watts! *NEAR NEW! In box*

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Raezers Edge - NY8

The NY 8 was designed to meet the needs of players struggling with crowded transit systems of New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong, while preserving and enhancing a full rich sound. 1 x 8'' speaker @ 8 ohms - 225 watts total. 55 Hz to 5k Hz. w/cover

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Eden - D210XLT

350 watt 2X10" Bass Cabinet @ 8Ω.

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EV - TL15

TL606 Cabinet with - Loaded with Peavey 1 x 15" (Approx 200 Watts) 8 ohms. Speakon Connector.

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Lab Systems - 410HP

800 watt 8Ω 4x10" & horn. On Castors!

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Warwick - WCA 410

300 Watt. 8ohm 4 x10 inch speakers

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Carvin - BR410

4 Ohms, 800 Watts, with tweeter volume control, speakon and jack connectors. Great condition, punchy and loud.

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Genz-Benz - GB-18B

Made in USA 18"! Speaker cab with castors. 300w @ 8ohms. Very good condition.

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Eden - D410XLT

700 watt Bass Cabinet. 8 ohm 4X10" & horn. Made in USA

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JBL - K140

A classic 1x15" 300 watt 8 ohm in an unknown box. Sounds really cool. Hi-res bass sounds.

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Eden - 410XLT

700 watt 4X10" & horn - 8Ω

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SOVTEK - 28/410

4x10" Cabinet with Eminence Alpha 10A-D speakers - Made in USA. 300 watt 8Ω cab. *AS IS - two speakers currently not functioning *

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Peavey - 115

Made USA, 8 ohms, 150 Watt 1X15" Black Widow Speaker reconed recently.

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Peavey - 1810

Made in USA - on castors! 1x18" + 2x10" bin 200 watt 4 Ω - Bi-Ampable Box - Serviced By Total Recoil at Some Stage - potentially re-coned!! Black Window Equipped!

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Fender - BXR 115

1x15" 150 watts 8Ω. Made in USA. Late 80's/early 90's

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