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PRS - 2 Button Footswitch

Channel/Reverb 2 button footswitch, takes stereo TRS cable.

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Marshall - Foot Switch

For Hand wired Series (1958, 1974 etc). Single button. AS NEW! Unused!

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VOX - Footswitch

Two switches for A & B with LEDs

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Fender - Footswitch

Two switches: labelled 'Channel Select' and 'Drive/More Drive'.

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Line 6 - FBV express

Foot Controller for Line 6 compatible products: Such as Vetta II, Flextone III, HD147, Spider II, POD xt and Bass POD xt etc.

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Marshall - PEDL-10048

6 way foot switch for Marshall JMD:1 amplifiers

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Two Notes Audio Engineering - Torpedo Captor 8

Analog speaker simulator, DI, loadbox, attentuator for guitar or bass. 100 Watt - 8ohm. w/ box

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Unbranded - Foot Switch

2 way Footswitch with long lead!

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Mesa/Boogie - Cab Clone

CABCLONE™- passive Cabinet Simulator/Speaker+Mic alternative with a built-in Amp Load. 8 ohm version. Includes box and manual

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THD - Hot plate

4Ω model Attenuator/Power Soak! Excellent Condition.

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2 way foot switch for Vox amps. Fairly generic so will work on a range of amps. Requires stereo jack cable (not included)

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Fender - Amp Cover

Fender heavy duty cover, just as heavy duty as the other heavy duty one 64 x 51 x 25 cm to fit Hot Rod Deluxe or Blues Deluxe.

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Marshall - 5 Way Footswitch

With seven Pin DIN Cable (8 pin including center) Works with Trace Elliot Amps too! WITH cable

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Randall - 4 Way Foot switch

For Randall amp channel changes and effects etc. *Requires specialised 6-pin DIN cable (Not included)

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Fender - Foot Switch

4 way foot switch from a Fender Bass Amp. Might work on your amp... Fender can be fussy... Could be worth a go!

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Hughes & Kettner - Fs-3n

triple footswitch form the makers of the technology of tone!

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COVER IT! - Cab cover

Heavy duty quilted Cab cover to suit bass quad 4x10. 40 x 60 x 62 cm.

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Rivera - FS-8

8-way foot switch. For Rivera amps. Hard-wired 8-pin din cable. Designed by Steve Lukather! (Imagine him on the tour bus doodling pictures on his sketch pad of how pedal switches should look in the future...!)

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BRAVE AUDIO - Tube Booster

12AU7 Based Preamp / Booster Circuit For Guitar! Naked Open Chassis Design! Very Cool Look! No PSU included but requires 12 Volt Centre NEGATIVE with a 2.5mm Pin (slightly larger than standard so be wary!). *Basically As new!* w/box


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Unknown - Speaker Switcher

2 Channel Stereo Speaker Distribution System - 2 Stereo Inputs - 4 Speaker Combination Outputs - Volume Controls for each configuration.

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