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Laney - LH50R

50 watt 2 channel, 6L6 Class A Valve head Made in UK. Mod with reverb disconnected, and added FX loop.

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Marshall - Valvestate AVT 2000

AVT100 preamp . 100 Watt Solid Sate Combo with Valve preamp! **AS IS - Reverb not working**

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Eden - WT550B

Made in USA. The Traveller. Top notch portable bass head. 500 watts @ 4Ohm

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Vintage Cabinet. 1974 Made in Kingston, England by Hylight Electronics (HIWATT Amplification) Ltd.
100 watt 16 Ohm 4x12" with original HIWATT branded Fane speakers (made in England).
Rare and awesome!

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Samick - BA15

15 watt 1x10" practice amp with headphone output and speaker out.

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Fender - Rumble 15

15 Watt 1x8" Bass practice amp.

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Traynor - Custom Valve 40

40 Watt 1 x 12" Guitar Valve Combo! 2 Channels with Reverb! Celestion Vintage 30 Speaker. With two way footswitch and manual!

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Fender - Blues Junior

15 watt 1X12" All valve combo. Very sweet blues sound! Made in Mexico with spring reverb. Tubes recently replaced with standard Fender tube set, Electro Harmonix Preamp tube and Electro Harmonix Power Tube matched pair!

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Laney - A1

65 watt 1x10" & horn acoustic amp. English circuit board model. 2 channels (guitar and Mic) & CD input. Onboard DSP effects.

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Marshall - MS-2

1 watt battery powered 1x4" battery powered amp with belt-clip (Knob Missing)

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VOX - AC30C2

Custom Series 30 Watt 2x12" with Celestion GM12 Greenback speakers

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Hughes & Kettner - Tube Meister 36

36 watt valve head. Switchable to 18, 5 and 1 watt. Also as a DI with the Hughes and Kettner "Red Box" built in. Power Soak. MIDI controllable. Includes carry bag, manual and 2 button footswitch.

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Marshall - G10 MK. II

10 watt 4" practise amp

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MusicMan - 210 Sixty Five

1976 Made in USA 65 Watt Valve Combo.
2 x 10" ALNICO speakers, master vol, 2 channels, normal/bright switch, deep/normal switch,  hi/lo switch, 12AX7 valve phase inverter, 2 x EL34 valve output, and solid state pre-amp. Reverb and tremolo working perfectly.
Designed by Leo Fender after he sold Fender, these amps have the versatility and headroom of a Fender Twin at half the weight. They take pedals easily. And they are LOUD--these amps are for players.
Footswitch included. And cover included.

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Epiphone - Valve Standard

15 Watt 1X12" w/16 DSP settings: delay, chorus, and flanger. Separate DSP reverb with level control. 3-band EQ.

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Moody - Vibrolux 10/12

Vintage 10 watt 1x12" all Valve combo. Made in Australia circa 1960! Onboard tremolo! Very cool!

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Peavey - Delta Blues

Guitar Combo - 30 watt 1x15"(Blue Marvel/Eminence ) valve with Tremolo and Reverb! Tweed Edition, Made in Mississippi, USA. Much nicer cab than later models. Very nice cleans!

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Diamond - Spitfire II

Two hannel all valve head. Swithcable 50/100 watts. Running EL34 tubes. Hand made in Texas, USA. Very very nice! Includes foot switch

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60 Watt 1X12" @ 16Ω Speaker Cabinet. Celestion Vintage 30 speaker. Black.

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SOLD Enquire

Peavey - 410 TX

Made in USA Bass Cab! 700 watts PROGRAM / 350 Watt Continuos 4X10" @ 8Ω. Features Tweeter control!

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