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Unknown - Speaker Cabinet

2x12" 100 watt 4 ohm Cabinet. Two Celestion C125-50 speakers. Made in UK.

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Fender - Amp Cover

Fender amp cover to fit Super Reverb. 62 x 65 x 25 cm

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Fender - Bullet 150 Amp

Made in Indonesia. 15 Watt Practise Amp. Digital FX - Chorus, delay, reverb tremelo. Good condition.

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YAMAHA - G100B-212

Made in Japan - 2 Channel 100 Watt 2X12" w/Distortion & **disconnected / broken spring reverb tank**. On Castors

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Line 6 - Spider Jam

Spider Jam is the ideal tool for any level of artist who wants to perfect their jamming skills. With 75W of power, Spider Jam has over 100 endless jams using real audio tracks from real-life LA session players, making the experience like playing alongside a pro band, not just cheesy midi files. A built-in multi-track looping recorder stores up to 14 minutes of sound, and the mic/aux inputs adds the extra bonus of throwing keyboards, bass or vocals into the mix. Spider Jam, like other amps in the Spider family, features hundreds of rock star-approved presets, plus 12 distinct amp models, Smart Control effects, MP3/CD input, built-in tuner and a 12" custom Celestion speaker and 2" tweeter. Spider Jam is the perfect combination of practice tool and gigging amp.

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Bad cat - 50R HD Custom shop

50 Watt Class A Valve head. Hand wired in the USA. Two channels. Built in tube reverb / effects loop. 4/8/16 ohm speaker output. With matching 2x12” cabinet with custom Celestion speakers voiced to the amp. Note: cab is wired for 16 ohms. With footswitch.

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15 Watt Valve Head w/Gig Bag & Speaker Lead *Includes V112NT 25 Watt 1X12" 16Ω Celestion Greenback Speaker Cabinet!!

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Fender - Satellite

PR 378 80 Watt Power Amp w/360° 1X12" & DPS Effects. Affordably Stereofy your existing rig! Needs a preamp signal in, so come out of your effects send from another amp, and get a big swirly sound!

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Mesa Engineering - Dual Rectifier

Solo Head. 100 Watt. 3 channel. 4/8/16Ω. Includes footswitch & manual, vinyl cover and road case. All new tubes recently fitted.

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Line 6 - SPIDER II

150 watt, 75watts per side stereo amplifier w/ 2 way footswitch

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Laney - TF320

Made in UK 120 Watt two channel combo with 2 x 12 H|H speakers, tube fusion with tube pre-amp. Classic British rock sound. With footswitch *reverb no go*

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Unknown - Spring Reverb Tank

With three springs - 175 mm in length. Overall tank measures 235 mm. RCA input and output. Includes an RCA to stereo 3.5 mm Jack cable.

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Peavey - Rage 158

15 watt 1x8" practise amp. "Transtube technology". Made in USA

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Silvertone - Smart IIIs

10 watt 1x6.5" practise amp

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Line 6 - Spider III

15 watt 1X8" combo with onboard digital effects. Includes manual and guitar cable

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Randall - RG-40R

40 Watt 1 x 12" 2 channel combo w/reverb.

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Eden - D115XLT

1 x 15" Bass Cabinet. 400 watt 8Ω with horn. On castors. Made in the USA

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Trace Elliot - Speed Twin H100

2 Channel 100 Watt Valve Head w/Reverb

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Laney - Hcm120b

Made in England 120 watts. 15 inch speaker!

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Bugera - 12G7OJ8

12" 70 Watt 8Ω

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