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Sharma - 3200

Organ Speakers. Made in England 1960s-70s. Leslie rotating speaker-esque.
With onboard preamp. Two independent channels. 2 x independent 15" speakers.
One channel Rotating horn and rotating drum clean channel!
Other channel forward facing tweeter and 15" woofer.
Approx 150 watts.

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Kustom - DE410

Deep End 4x10" 400 watt 8Ω, on castors, light weight for a bass quad.

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Rex - Bass King

Made in Australia. BA200A 1960s, 2 Channel 20 Watt 1X12" valve combo running 2 x EL84 power tubes. Loaded with HH invader.

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JJ - 6V6S

Matched PAIR (2) of Valves. Made in the Slovak Republic at the old Tesla factory!

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Roland - JC-40

Jazz Chorus 40 watt 2x10" combo with onboard stereo chorus, vibrato and reverb.
EXCELLENT condition! Comes with original box and packaging!

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Roland - CUBE Street

15 Watt Battery Powered amp . COSM madelling effects. 2 channels. w/ Power Supply

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Budokan Practise Amp With Distortion & Headphone Output! 10 Watts, 1 x 8" Speaker.

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Marshall - MG15DFX

2 Channel 15 Watt Practise amp w/Digital Effects - Reverb, Delay. Chorus and Flanger!

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Randall - 4 Way Foot switch

w/6 pin din cable.

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Fender - Hot Rod DeVille

2 channel 60 watt 2x12" valve Combo. Made in Mexico. Includes footswitch, cover and manual!

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Jade - Pro - 25

1x10" 25 Watt combo for guitar/bass - Features TUBE DRIVE.

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Roland - JC-120

1980s 2 channel Jazz Chorus 120 Watt 2X12" w/Spring Reverb, Distortion, Chorus & Vibrato *AS IS - Chorus, Vibrato, channel 1 and 1 speaker not working*

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Laney - CUB 12

Made in England. 12" Celestion speaker. 15 watts of pure tube tone.

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Roland - Micro Cube

Battery or Mains Powered with w/Digital COSM effects - Aux In/Record Out/Headphoners. with power supply.

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ORANGE - Sp210

2x10" 8ohm 600W bass cabinet. The isobaric loading in a loudspeaker maximizes bass frequency response. Eminence Neodymium 10" speakers,
"The response, power, and clarity of these impressive speakers will leave you breathless. The bass tone is nothing short of monstrous."

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Celestion - G10R-30

"Ten 30" - 10 inch speaker! 8 ohm

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Fender - Hot Rod Deluxe III

Tweed Limited Edition. 2 Channel 40 watt 1X12" *Made in Mexico. w/ manual, tags, footswitch & slip cover

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Behringer - AC108

AC108 Vintager. 15 Watt Vacuum Tube Amplifier. With ugpgraded speaker and EHX tube.

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Blackstar - HT Metal 100

100 Watt valve head, 4 x 6L6 output, clean channel has two modes – ‘British Class-A’ and ‘dynamic US’. Each of the two ISF-equipped overdrive channels delivers the ultimate in valve amp metal guitar tones. With footswitch & cable

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Fender - Hot Rod DeVille 212

Made in Mexico. 2 channel 60 watt 2x12" speakers. In very good / lightly used condition. Bought new in 2004. 60 watts 2x12. w/ cover, manual, footswitch and dolly. The complete package.

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