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Yamaha - THR5

Modelling amp. Tuner. Loads of sounds. Think "realism and quality". USB connectivity. w/ power supply, adaptor, and USB cable.

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Roland - Cube 80 GX

75 watts. Custom-designed 12" speaker. 11 COSM amp types and three independent channels—including a fully programmable SOLO channel—put a huge range of tones at your command, with remote control of channel switching, effects, w/ GA-FC Foot Controller

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100 watt valve head, EL34s, reverb, with Vox twin footswitch.

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Laney - RB1

Richter Bass, 15 Watt RMS kickback design bass combo, loaded with a custom-designed 8" driver. Suitable for the bedroom, recording or rehearsal.

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Joyo - JTA-05

SWEET BABY 1 x 8" Valve Combo! Single Ended - Running 5AR4 Rectifier and 6V6 Power Tube! Optional Extension Speaker Out.
Upgraded with Groove Tube valves!

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Phonic - Safari 2000

Rechargeable battery in built. Good for 8-10 hours. Excellent condition. Very low mileage. Can be upgraded for wireless microphone and USB recording. w/ manual

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Laney - VC30

2 channel 30 watt 1x12" class A All Valve combo. Made in UK. HH Invader speaker (UK). With Real Spring Reverb!

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ValveTone - Felix 35

35 Watt hand wired, 59 Bassman style tone stack. Takes 5881 or 6L6 tubes.

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Ampeg - SVT18E

Made in USA. 18" speaker cab fitted with castors. 175 watts at 8ohms.

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Ampeg - SVT-200T

Made in the USA! 320W @ 4ohms, 200W @ 8ohms. XLR and1/4" direct out. 3 knobs missing. **Sheered off "Ultra Low" knob**. (Recently serviced) w/ speaker cable

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Crate - GT-65

3 Channel, 65 watt solid state amp, 12" Crate speaker, CD input, with Reverb. With bonus Intelli Tuner!

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Alesis - MicTubeDuo

Two Channel microphone preamplifier. Includes box and manual.
* Also includes a Japanese 100 volt power supply - but you would need a step-down transformer (Not included). Or run it from your own 18 volt AC power supply if you have one (not very common! What would you be doing with one of those?! Ya freak!)

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Made in Germany. "The acoustic people". Acoustic Amp - Active monitor 60 Watt with three inputs, line, mic, RCA, gain controls, combined XLR, 6.3 mm input socket. Hybrid 60W/4 ohm, 8″-twin cone speaker system. Includes gig bag

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MSP - HI-Flux Speaker

Made in Australia. 3 way high fi speakers 2x3" + 1x12" speakers.

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MSP - HI-Flux Speaker

Made in Australia. 3 way high fi speakers 2x3" + 1x12" speakers.

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Fender - BXR 100

100 watt 1x15" Made in USA - With Graphic EQ

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Leslie - Leslie 16

The smallest Leslie, designed for guitars by CBS, single 10" speaker with rotating 15" baffle, takes the extension speaker output of a guitar amp. 1967-72. The sound of The Beatles, Mike Campbell, David Gilmour, Stevie Ray Vaughan on Cold Shot, Little Wing. Immaculate condition with 6 pin adaptor and speed control.

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Fender - The Twin®

"Evil Twin" 2 Channel 100 watt 2x12" Tube Amp with Spring Reverb. w/Castors and manual and footswitch! One owner since new!

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Weber - 12F150

16 ohm 25 watts. Very light use. Great speaker.

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Torque - T1002AR

100 watt 1 x 12" + horn. 2 channel acoustic amp Acoustic channel plus Vocal channel! (missing 3 knobs but functions fine)

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