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12" speaker! Neodymium Magnet! Super Light! 200 Watts, 4Ω. Reconed by Ian Rumbold. More from B


Celestion - G12E-50 Rocket

Rocket 50! 50 watts handling, 8Ω impedance! More from Celestion


Celestion - G12E-50 Rocket

Rocket 50! 50 watts handling, 8Ω impedance! More from Celestion


Celestion - G12P-80

PAIR OF SEVENTY 80 series 80 watt 12" 16Ω More from Celestion

SOLD Enquire

Celestion - G12M-70

70 watt 8 Ω 12" as used in Marshall JCM800's More from Celestion

$89.00 Enquire


MAde in USA. Bass PA speaker. 500 watts. 8 Ohm. More from EMINENCE


EMINENCE - Fender Special Design

12" Ceramic Speaker from a Fender Blues Deluxe About 50 Watts and 8Ω. *AS NEW! w/box More from EMINENCE


Etone - 455

150 watt 15" 8Ω *Made in Australia *AS IS - tear in the cone, poorly repaired. More from Etone


Fender - Special Design

12" 75 watt 8Ω Made in USA *Re-coned by Ian Rumbold* Circa 1979~1985 ish! More from Fender


Fender - 12" Speaker

Pulled from an early 90s Fender Deluxe Made by Eminence - 8Ω Made in USA More from Fender

$120.00 Enquire

Fender - Utah 005379

70's 60 Watt 12" Reconed by Total Recoil. *PAIR* Out of a Fender Twin. 8Ω EACH More from Fender


Jaycar - Speaker Covers

To Suit 8" Speaker. (x2) Includes Brackets More from Jaycar

$15.00 Enquire

Jensen - C8R

Vintage 1960's MADE IN USA. Ceramic 8", 8Ω Speaker set of four! Re-coned in 1998, sprayed blue, and re-labled as 'Sonny Jr Harmonica Amps!' RARE!!! **PRICE IS FOR SET OF TWO More from Jensen


Jensen - C-855T

1966 Made in USA. Ceramic 8 ohm, 8" Speaker! Originally a twin cone but re-coned in 1998 as a single. RARE! More from Jensen

$70.00 Enquire

Mackie - Unloaded Speaker

200 Watts Approx Loose Speaker - super heavy duty Magnet More from Mackie


Plessey - C12PX

12" 20 watt TWIN CONE! 15Ω Manufactured in Oz 1960's/70's More from Plessey

$95.00 Enquire

RP Acoustics - GM-1230PRW

100 Watt 12" @ 8Ω More from RP Acoustics

$65.00 Enquire

RP Acoustics - GM-1230PRW

100 Watt 12" @ 8Ω *Needs Glue More from RP Acoustics

$40.00 Enquire

Seymour Duncan - KING TONE Classic

50 Watt 12" @ 8Ω *From a Seymour Duncan 85/40 Combo More from Seymour Duncan

$90.00 Enquire

Sheffield - 1200

Peavey 'Sheffield' speakers out of a 5150 combo. 12" 8Ω 60-75 Watt More from Sheffield

$99.00 Enquire

SKS - B120

12" 120 watt 8Ω Bass Speaker. *Repaired cone. Works. Taken from a Drive (made by Marshall) bass combo amp. More from SKS


Total Recoil - P-12N

Kevlar Cone Bass (or PA) Speaker! 400 watts, 8 Ω, 12" speaker. More from Total Recoil


Unknown - Tweeter

8 Ohm tweeter! Unknown Wattage. More from Unknown


Unknown - Speaker

12" 100 watt 8Ω "Just re-coned by Total Recoil More from Unknown

$99.00 Enquire

Wharfedale - D-533A

Tweeter! 8Ω. Unknown Wattage. Out of a full range P.A. box. More from Wharfedale

ON LAYBY Enquire

Wharfedale - D-644

Made in England! 15" Ceramic Speaker. 250 Watts, 8Ω More from Wharfedale

ON LAYBY Enquire

Zylux - 12"

75 watt 8Ω reconed 12" Bass speaker More from Zylux



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