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ALESIS - 1622

16 Channel mixing desk.8 mic inputs plus 16 more inserts, 6 sends, 8 returns, sub inserts and outs, master in and outs and monitor and tape ins and outs. Unit is approximately 19”W x 21”H x 6”D and weighs 14 lbs. w/psu More from ALESIS


Allen & Heath - WZ 20:8:2 DX

Mix Wizard 20 channel, 8 BUS desk. Made in UK More from Allen & Heath

ON LAYBY Enquire

Allen & Heath - PA12

8 mono channels with mic XLR and line TRS inputs! Line input overrides the XLR input. 2 stereo channel inputs, individual 48V phantom power switches, Switched 100Hz high pass filter! *AS IS. On board effects no go* More from Allen & Heath


Behringer - Eurorack MX2004A

20 Channel 4 bus mixing console mixing console w/PSU More from Behringer


Dynacord - MCX 1900

20 channel mixer. Rack mountable. More from Dynacord


Mackie - ONYX 1620

ONYX 1620 production mixer. 8 mic/line inputs and 4 stereo line inputs. w/box More from Mackie

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Numark - DM950

2 Channel DJ Mixer - needs 9V AC 500ms power supply More from Numark


Radio Shack - DSM - 8040

Stereo sound mixer with 12 seconds of digital sampling. 2 1/4" mic inputs. More from Radio Shack


Ramsa - WR-X01A

4 channel audio mixer. Made by Panasonic. Very versatile! Many inputs and outputs - XLR, Jack, RCA plus phono! More from Ramsa

$160.00 Enquire

Samson - PL1620

8 Stereo Channel Line Mixer! (16 Mono) w/box More from Samson


Soundcraft - Spirit SX

20 channel, 13 XLR ins, 3 aux, 2 sub, 8 direct outs, 12 inserts w/power supply, leads and mixing cubby house! More from Soundcraft


TASCAM - M-1024

24 channel mixer. 2 Aux. 4 effects sends/returns. 16 x Inserts. Made in Japan. Great preamps! More from TASCAM


TASCAM - M-1516

8 Track, 4 Group recording console! Aimed at the home 8-track studio market, the M1516 is fundamentally a 16-channel desk, routing to four sub-groups/tape sends, but with a secondary signal path in each channel. This 'Dual' input is configured for maximum flexibility in use, serving as a tape monitor channel, an additional input on mixdown, or as a stereo aux send from the main channel path signal. w/Power supply and manual More from TASCAM


TASCAM - M-1016

16 Channel mixing desk *As is-Left Channel LED's not working. First Channel Not working. 10/14 Stereo In not working More from TASCAM

$350.00 Enquire

Vestax - PMC-40

Professional Mixing Controller More from Vestax


YAMAHA - MG 32/14 fx

32 channel mixer, 4 subs, 4 aux with onboard effects More from YAMAHA



16 channel, 4 auxiliary. Includes phantom power! Made in Japan *with case More from YAMAHA


YAMAHA - 2408M

24 channel Monitor Mixing Console. Made in Japan. Great pre's! Includes custom road case More from YAMAHA



8 channel rack mount mixer. Made in Japan. 2 Aux. More from YAMAHA

$250.00 Enquire


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